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The Saudi Human Genome Program (SHGP) is one of the National Transformation Programs of Vision 2030 for Saudi Arabia. It aims at sequencing more than 100,000 Human genomic samples to identifying the genetic basis of severe and common genetic diseases in the Saudi population.

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Satellite Centers

The program has many centers distributed across the Kingdom. The central site is in King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST). Each site has sequencing and compute power for primary analysis. The data is then transferred to KACST for full analysis and release.

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Mission & Vision

The vision is to be one of the top 10 medical genome projects worldwide. The mission is to enable the nation-wide application of personalized medicine by identify the genetic basis of disease, particularly for the Saudi population with primary focus on inherited disorders.

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Cutting Edge Genome Sequencing Facilities



The affiliated researchers of the program published 100+ publications in the last years in highly ranked journals. They also held 60+ presentations in international and regional events. Many of these publications contributed to the universal knowledge about variations and disease.

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For Researchers

The biggest Saudi genome Repository

Database Access

The SHGP Variant Database includes a large set of variants from the Saudi population. The database include extra annotation information related to the variant, such as its position in the gene, its functional implications, and its frequency in the population and public database.

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Apply for Projects

SHGP is open for all researchers from any academic institute in the kingdom. SHGP supports the researchers with human genome sequencing services and data analysis. The research scope should be related to the mission of the program. If interested, submit your proposal from this website.

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For Individuals

The biggest Saudi genome Repository

Info about Genome

The human genome consists of 3.2 billion base pairs in each cell spread over 23 set of chromosomes. The total numbers of human genes are 20,000 approximately and they carry the instructions for making proteins.

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